Persona 5: The Phantom X Mobile Game Announced for iOS, Android and Available for Pre-Register

 New Persona: The Phantom X Mobile Game Announced and Available for Pre-Register

Atlus has announced Persona: The Phantom X (referred to as P5X). It is the first official mobile game in the Persona series and is now available for pre-register , A Beta test of the game for the game will also occur on the 29th of March 2023, The release date for the game has not been announced. Sign-ups for the “Infiltration Test” playtest are available now

You can check out the announcement trailer below:

Persona 5: The Phantom of the Night mobile game revealed for Android and iOS

If you’re a fan of mobile gaming, then you don’t want to miss out on the newest addition to the “Persona 5” series – “Persona 5: The Phantom X.” In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the game’s story, characters, gameplay, and more.


Persona 5: The Phantom X” explores the theme of “desire” and follows the journey of a group of teenagers who awaken to the power of “persona.” The game is full of twists and turns, including a mysterious long-nosed man, a talking owl, and a world that is very different from reality. The story promises to keep players on the edge of their seat, and it’s a game that you won’t want to put down.


The game features a brand new group of protagonists, each with their own unique backstory and personality. The main character, Wonder, leads a double life and has an initial persona of Jánošík. There’s also Luffy, a mysterious creature that can transform into a delivery van and possesses a wealth of knowledge of other worlds.

 Arai Suwa is the protagonist’s classmate who’s good at sports and awakens to her persona after a certain event. Her initial Persona is Awilda. Players will also encounter a new Velvet Room assistant of Igor’s who will guide them through the game.

Luffy is a mysterious owl-like creature that can turn into a van. He possesses a calm and steady personality (they already sound ten times better than Morgana). His codename is Cattle and his persona is Rob Roy.

Arai Suwa: is a second-year high school girl at Kiba High. She is a popular student who’s heavily into sports. Her codename is Closer and her persona is Awilda.


Persona 5: The Phantom X” features the double life gameplay that the series is known for. Players assume the role of a student during the day, attending classes and engaging in city life activities such as playing baseball or watching movies with friends. But at night, the world changes, and players must summon personas to engage in high-energy battles against enemies in the Metaverse. The goal is to correct distorted desires and save the world.


The game will be available to play from March 29th, and players who successfully complete the “Sneak Test” recruitment questionnaire will have the chance to play the game first.
The release date for the game has not been announced. Sign-ups for the “Infiltration Test” playtest are available now.

Code Name X:

Persona 5: The Phantom X” was initially announced as “Code Name X” in April 2021 and is developed by Perfect World Games’ Black Wings Game Studio. It’s officially licensed by Sega with involvement from Atlus, and it’s the first mobile game in the “Persona 5” series. The game is set to release in China for Android, Windows PC, and iOS in the future.

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Persona 5: The Phantom X” promises to be a hit with its engaging story, unique characters, and exciting gameplay. Don't miss out on the chance to awaken your persona and save the world. Mark your calendars for March 29th and get ready to experience the newest addition to the “Persona 5” series.